About Us

HipHopVixens.com is a comprehensive talent showcase website which allows aspiring video models to build a fan base as well as placing their talent in front of music artists, producers and videographers who are always looking for fresh talent to appear in their videos. HipHop, Rap and Pop, as well as several other music genre artists are making more and more videos and using more and more models/vixens. This creates an opportunity for those ladies wishing to expand their careers in this field. This site is dedicated to assisting these ladies in their pursuit.

We also…

We also offer services to aspiring video models/vixens who wish to be featured on our website. Our services include unique individual profile pages, photo retouching and enhancements, as well as Social Media Marketing. While advertising and marketing the services of these models/vixens, we work to hook them up with artists, directors, and producers looking for new talent.

Our Methods

We are passionate HipHop, Rap and Pop fans that created this website as a way to combine our love for these music genres. Our business and technical acumen involves getting you the exposure you need. Our team includes SEO specialists, journalists, graphic designers, photographers, and music artists. Together this group of professionals is determined to make HipHopVixens.com the go-to website for video models/vixens who are serious about making their dreams come true.